Stay Relevant.
Stay Focused.
Stay Profitable.

A radically customer-centric, transparent system set up for rapid implementation.

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Start your evolution and finish strong - every, single, quarter.

“A constantly evolving commercial and/or business environment demands constant evolution from all that strive to thrive in it. In other words, it demands the essence of evolutionary leadership.”

Not only is the world you operate in moving faster, but it is also constantly changing as well. That means, simply becoming more efficient will only slow your regression. The key business challenge in this pressure-cooker environment is to:
Adapt to the consumer demands of today by readying ourselves to meet tomorrow’s market-driven imperatives.

Brilliant! But how? Let’s talk about that.

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NEXT90® Business Evolution Process focuses your organisation on achieving the one thing that matters most.

But first a very important question. How are you going to lead your team to your organization’s 3-year objectives, and key results, your one-year goals, if the next 3 months are already… uncertain?

  • Ingrained cultural alignment linking strategy and tactics to performance that positively impacts the bottom line
  • Leadership strength and development at all levels creating an innovation and high-performance incubator within your business
  • Predictable ongoing excellence from the back office to the boardroom to the balance sheet. Your whole organization will evolve, starting with the NEXT90 days

Frequently discussed answers, systemised for your success with NEXT90® Business Evolution Process

Let’s focus on simple solutions to straightforward questions

People come first, without them there is nothing to evolve, no one to lead, and a market that passes your organisation by.

There are always a few right answers but, by definition, only one best answer for your people, your business and you. Let’s explore that with NEXT90® Business Evolution systems.

Focus on achieving quarterly objectives and results on purpose

We love happy accidents, who doesn’t? But by working together intensively and in harmony, every three months, our focus on the organisation’s mission and what matters most to achieving it, becomes a valuable part of your business’s successful strategic framework. So, luck has nothing to do with it.

Strengthen leadership through monthly coaching, targeting flawless execution

If you think it might happen, it probably already has – that’s how fast the market, consumer preferences and opportunities are evolving. To do the same, we will focus on developing rapid, aligned decision-making, while considering the integration of Purpose, Values and Vision into your cultural framework.

Visualise success, sense-check metrics and take accountability every week

It's too late when it's too late. An online dashboard that monitors progress weekly will help hold you accountable and keep key results achievable as long as you embrace accountability. This tool will help keep deliverables on track, in scope and on time. Just add your appetite for accountability and success.

This is your chance to set in motion a radical strategic shift towards future-proofing your business from the inside out. NEXT90®

Business Evolution will focus on your people, their enablement and development and your joint alignment to and focus on the mission.

Stay relevant. Stay focused. Stay Profitable.


Why do I need a system?

"We don't rise to the level of our goals.
We only fall to the level of our systems."

- James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits


What are the other benefits of the
NEXT90® Business Evolution system?

Weekly Accountability

  • Weekly reflection on tasks done and priorities for next week
  • Weekly feedback to maintain focus and accountability
  • Transparency on everyone's progress and performance

Monthly Coaching

  • Review performance and productivity
  • Analyse leadership moments for learning purposes
  • Establish plans and actions for following month

Quarterly Intensive

  • Constant review of objectives on a 90-day planning cycle
  • Facilitated support and challenge to focus on what matters most
  • Review and rate execution and results every quarter

Annual Strategy

  • Annual review of progress on objectives from the 90-day planning cycles
  • Assess progress overall towards the mission
  • Facilitated support and challenge to focus on what matters most in the next 12 months aligned to the mission

Brett Piggott, Director

Our business was operating well. Life was good, but we were at risk of becoming complacent and falling behind.

Through introducing this evolution process, we have aligned our culture and strategy to crystallise a defined direction. We have the path to get there and can easily track and measure with accountability. The results in the past 6 - 12 months have seen us increase our leadership strength and depth. We have added a complimentary arm of our business that has created a new revenue stream. We have expanded nationally and created three new positions to increase our business development capacity.

Todd West, CEO

This system is simply the ultimate rack of tools for any business owner that wants to build a leadership framework. From the initial engagement process with the team through to the feedback sessions for management this process delivers results. All of that plus the tool kits to create an alignment of culture and strategy.

Jim Doe

Circle Leadership is a corporate entity's best-kept secret. I recommend companies absorb this content in any way they can. In uncertain times there is a great opportunity. To tackle these things people must understand themselves and each other. This is where this system goes to work!

Ready to talk about the next evolution of your business?

Schedule a strategy call today and find out how NEXT90® Business Evolution system will benefit you and your business.