About Circle Leadership Global

We wanted to create an organisation dedicated to helping leaders evolve themselves and their businesses to stay relevant. Circle Leadership is a global community of purpose-driven leaders and a set of tools and resources for the world’s best business owners. If you care about your people and believe your business has infinite potential for greatness, then Circle Leadership is designed specifically with you in mind. 

"Evolution is the steady, progressive increase in your capabilities and your capacity for greatness."
- Dave Clare, CEO & Founder

We've set a big goal. We want to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders. This is something we can't accomplish alone. 


Dave Clare, CEO & Founder
Circle Leadership Global

Circle Leadership HQ

Jorden Clare

Cleint Concierge

Anything our clients need from us and anything we need from our clients, Jorden is the person to go to.

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Lisa Ferguson

Head Heart & Leadership Coach

Our one and only humicorn (human unicorn), if you want to become the best version of yourself, then Lisa is your leadership coach. 

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Dave Clare

CEO & Founder

The guardian of the philosophies and principles on which Circle Leadership was founded. Dave is our Chief Evolution Officer.

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Circle Leadership International Team

Payne Schoen

Executive Business Coach

More than just a coach, Payne is an Organization Health Advisor and a Working Genius fanatic.

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Gary White

Business & Communication Coach

Effective leadership & communication for a successful, and productive team.

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Circle Leadership Ambassadors

Brett Piggott

Q.P.I.B., ANZIIF (Senior Associate), CIP
Executive Director
Appointed as a Director at Willis Temby in 2000, Brett was the winner of the 2017 Stephen Ball Memorial Award (National Broker of the Year).

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Dr. Daren Martin Phd.

Culture Architect

Daren is our Global Ambassador. He is a Culture Architect and trusted advisor.


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Simplicity    Clarity    Insight    Wisdom    Caring