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Bring clarity, alignment, and consistent execution to businesses, turning a chaotic, complex organisation into a harmoniously operating machine...with everyone on the same page.

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"Bust the myth that execution is hard" - Dave Clare

Our Philosophy is Simple
Get Everyone on the Same Page

Business Evolution Roadmap™

Create clarity, alignment, direction, and focus. You can literally have everyone in your organization on the same page.


NEXT90® Business Evolution Process

A system with weekly accountability, monthly coaching & quarterly intensives to evolve your business.


Circle Leadership TOOLBOX™

Up-to-date resources, video content & tools for purpose-driven leaders to evolve yourself and your business. 


And Execute at a Far Greater Rate
Than You Ever Have Before

When you have CLARITY of your uniqueness, ALIGNMENT of culture and strategy, DIRECTION so everyone knows what we are building together, and FOCUS on what matters most now to get there. You will have the four key frameworks of CULTURE, STRATEGY, PERFORMANCE AND TACTICS to evolve yourself, and your business to stay relevant. All our systems and methodologies are designed to help you with those four elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

Our proven processes and methodologies help your business work smarter so you don't have to work harder.



of purpose, values, and vision to capture the spirit of your people.


of culture and strategy from concept through to execution.


to where we are going and who we need to be to get there.


on what matters most. Achieving more from less every 90 days.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

FREE Event for 7 & 8 Figue Business Owners

In this captivating LIVE workshop, you will delve into the magic and science behind helping individuals become the best version of themselves, enabling them to unleash their true potential and contribute their life's best work. 


Circle of Success Workshop - CEO Series

A series of six workshops run over twelve weeks, designed exclusively for CEO's & Business Owners of 7 and 8-figure businesses.


Our CEO & Founder

I'm Dave Clare

I wanted to create an organisation dedicated to helping leaders evolve themselves and their businesses to stay relevant. Circle Leadership is a global community of purpose-driven leaders and a set of tools and resources for the world’s best business owners. If you care about your people and believe your business has infinite potential for greatness, then Circle Leadership is designed specifically with you in mind. 

"Evolution is the steady, progressive increase in your capabilities and your capacity for greatness."
- Dave Clare

I set myself a big goal. I want to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders. This is something I can't accomplish alone. 


"Working with Circle Leadership has been profoundly game-changing for our business. We have concisely articulated our secret sauce using the Business Evolution Roadmap™. Its the first time I've genuinely felt that there is a game plan within our business and not spinning our wheels and hoping for the best "

- Jimmy Mitchell, My Online Guy

"They are a business's best-kept secret. I recommend companies absorb this content in any way they can. In uncertain times there is a great opportunity for those who drive innovation, leadership, and culture. But to tackle these things people must understand themselves and each other. This is where Circle Leadership goes to work."

- Levi Saunders, Entrepreneur

"This system is simply the ultimate rack of tools for any business owner that wants to build a leadership framework. From the initial engagement process with the team through to the feedback sessions for management this process delivers results. All of that plus the tool kits to create an alignment of culture and strategy."

- Todd West, Glass Co WA

Build Your Own Business Evolution Roadmap™

Get everyone on the same page. Then, not only re-imagine your strategy but also how you think about strategy.


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Content X Context = Concept

When you take the content and multiply it with your context, you can own the concept.
Our BLOG features all the content you need to evolve yourself and your business to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people you choose to serve. All you need to do is put it into your own context.


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May 03, 2022

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May 03, 2022

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