Head & Heart Leadership Coach

Lisa Ferguson

The world's first (self-proclaimed) human unicorn, Lisa is our leadership coach.


I'm Lisa...


As one of a kind ‘humicorn’ (human unicorn), Lisa embodies and fully expresses her unique flair and natural affinity for leadership. After almost 15 years, Lisa still loves and continues to expand further into supporting, serving and inspiring folks to be the best version of themselves. Lisa’s leadership journey started with herself, and after losing and gaining over 200kg during her teens and early twenties, she launched her own successful fitness business. Her work was widely recognized and was celebrated as such, including:

  • 2015 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Nominee
  • 2014 – 2015 Fitness Australia Gold Award Winner
  • 2014 Employer of Choice WINNER (SRRC)
  • 2014 Young Business Personal of the Year Runner Up (SRRC)
  • 2013 Young Business Person of the Year WINNER (SRRC)

Since 2015, Lisa has continued to diversify and enrich her leadership experience across varying roles and capacities, including corporate and government sectors, small business, medical, sport, and the health and leisure industry.

Lisa’s loves inspiring through writing, public speaking, and is a tonne of fun. She loves to sing and dance, not because she’s any good but because it’s her greatest joy to do so… oh and she has cake for breakfast at least once a week.


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