How Do You Help Your Team Be Their Best

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Yup, that's the first thought that came to mind as I started typing this post for our newsletter...ugh.

How many of you reading this would love to be thought of as an expendable commodity, a means to an end, a stock or supply of assets to ensure a business runs or functions effectively?


If you are a leader or owner and reading this, and you wouldn't like to be treated like this, then don't treat your team like this either! Ok..rant over, well sort of. Ugh.

Your team, your "employees", are human beings with dreams, goals, aspirations and desires too...just like you. They want to bring their best self to work every day. They want more responsibility and ownership of their work. I truly believe this at a soul level. Unfortunately many people have had this squashed or buried by poor leadership.

Let's face it, as a business you are paying 100% for the person to be there, but most likely only tapping into 50% of what that person can offer. (staggering wild-ass guess, but probably fairly accurate).

"The war for talent starts inside your business. Unleash the latent talents and abilities of the people you already have."
- Dave Clare

Do you work for your team, or do they work for you? I see it like this...

You work for your team. Your team work for the customer. The team is your customer.

I challenge every leader to start to look at their team members (notice I've never once referred to them as "staff"....double ugh on that one!) as humans first, employees second. How can you help them become their best and do their best while in your care and beyond?

Join us on our LIVESTREAM tomorrow and I'll show you how to do this.

Dave Clare, CEO & Founder - Circle Leadership



Leadership is about helping others become their best self, so they can do their life's best work while in your care and beyond. That means caring about them as human beings first, employees second. Why? Because people have goals, dreams, aspirations, and desires for their own lives.

"People don't jump out of bed ever morning and shout 'Woohoo! I can't wait to make the boss rich today!'"
- a Clarism

Leadership is simple. You lead people, and people aren't a resource. In this LIVESTREAM we will share with you the process to helping you and your team be your best and do your best.

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It’s a question that I find myself asking more often than I care to admit. Usually when I’m feeling scattered, unfocussed or going a little too hard at the dessert bar.

But my definition of successful people ask better questions, so I shimmied:

“If you do what you’ve always done, will you get what you’ve always gotten?”

Mmm, better Lisa, but still not great.

(But good on you champ, for not letting perfectionism get in the way of good. Another fun thing I’m evolving through at the moment!)

Right girlfriend, how about this then:

“If I want to have results that I’ve never had before, who then would I need to be come in order to have those results?”

Who would I need to BE, in order to HAVE those results, and

How would the version of myself who already is and has that BEHAVE

… hereby BEHAVE is just BE and HAVE together?

Kinda like how I want ME and my RESULTS.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

“Is it possible that the process that’s got me to where I am today is the same one that will get me to the next level of my success and personal evolution…

… and what if all I have to change is the INPUTS – as in, how I THINK about what I do - that drives that higher-level action, to get those (sustainable and lasting) results, to continue expanding more-ward into my potential?”

As a serial yo-yo dieter of 15 years where I put on and lost over 200kg, I nailed how to get short-term results through action alone… but sustainable and lasting change only comes from shifting our THINKING… because how we think is how we act.

Understanding Human Behaviour that has been studied over centuries has helped teach me that… and thankfully is now the reason why I don’t have to keep going through life gaining 40kg and losing 40kg every second or third year.

Which is really, really helpful and a lot less cathartic and uncomfortable. Now I can get on with my life doing way funner things with friends, like having cake for breakfast sometimes and it being ok!

So who are you today?

How do you think about who you are and the actions you’re taking?

And does that thinking support your version of success?

Written by Leadership Coach - Lisa Ferguson