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culture leadership May 03, 2022

Human Behaviour & Organisational Behaviour

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If organisations are just a bunch of human beings working together towards a common goal, should the process for organisational behaviour be much different than that of human behaviour?

We don't think so...

Success is who we need to become, that's the mission.

Results are what we have accomplished, the Objectives and key results we must accomplish.

Behaviour is the actions we take to achieve our results, that's the tactical plan to achieve the results. 

Attitude is the habits of thinking, that's the unique set of values of how we think around here.

Conditioning is coaching.

Spaced repetition is on every occasion.

It's the same process. And in both, all we need to do is define those thing and use them as the inputs.

When you look at it like this, you'll start to see what a MISSION is and what VALUES are. Every guru you speak to will have their own version of these things. Which leads to much confusion around what purpose, values, vision and mission are and how to actually use them.

Well what if we we could go from "listening to everyone confuses us to listening to Confucius?"

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”
― Confucius

This process starts to address the four questions every #businessowner and #businessleader should be able to answer . This forms the narrative of your business. It provides #clarity, #alignment and the beginning of your #direction and #focus.

Imagine being able to:

- #engage your team and customers

- #empower your team to make smart decisions

- #inspire your team with a picture of the world greater than all of us combined

- #evolve yourself and your business to stay relevant

PURPOSE: Why does our business exist. What is the problem we are passionate about solving in our world.

VALUES: What makes us unique in how we think about our purpose.

VISION: The picture of the world that is far bigger than all of us combined, and something we can't accomplish alone.

MISSION: Who do we need to become to start creating that world we see?

If you want to get the best out of your people, shift your organizational processes to mirror that of human behaviour... and help your folks 'get around' something that makes sense to them, other than the water cooler at work. Remember, people want three things:

Something to believe in - Purpose

Someone who believes in them - A leader who empowers with Values

Someone to believe in - A leader with a Vision of the world greater than all of us combined

Written by Dave Clare



Join us LIVE as we look at the process of organisational behaviour and the tools you need to lead people.




“Life is a terminal wellness”
- A Fergasm

L = C1 + (C2+C3) – (B1 + B2 + B3)

Sometimes leading people can feel like an unsolvable algebra equation. A bunch of numbers and letters that mean a whole lot of nothing to a whole lot of people expecting an answer… yesterday.

But if we could simplify it in a way that makes more sense to humans (i.e. organizations are just a bunch of humans getting around something – hopefully more than the water cooler), that people are more empowered to make decisions and come up with their own answers, might that be cool?

What if Leadership equals Coaching with Compassion and Curiosity, minus the Bossing and Bullying and Bravado?

How might the way we coach the thinking gap between effective and ineffective thinking change, and of course the behaviour driven from this?

Is it possible that questions like:

“Tell me about you/that?” from a place of compassion and curiosity, versus

“What the heck were you thinking, dummy?”

Might actually help us get to the core of an action misalignment for the mutual benefit of everyone?

And if we – and our people – feel seen, heard and cared for right where we are, how much more inspired are we to step more-ward into a greater capacity from that space?

We’ve all been there. In fact, some of us might be there right now (stay with me for ‘confessionals of a leadership coach’).

Knowing what we want.

Knowing what we need to do to get what we want.

Heck, we’re even all over our mindset and the thinking required to drive that behaviour…

… except here we are sitting on the couch, eating more than just a slither of banana bread for breakfast on a Tuesday thinking ‘fk it’ – and it’s not even anyone’s birthday!

Annoyingly, I KNOW that to be more honouring and health-full requires actions that involve more movement than just ‘couch to fridge walking’, and of course nourishing food (maybe I can have broccoli with my banana bread?)… yet here we are. AND I’ve been a fitness professional for over 15 years, so me of all people ‘should know better’, shouts my inner bully Cynthia, trying to boss me into greatness (you can’t).

So then if I’m knowing what I want, the actions required to achieve that and I understand the necessary thinking for me to be fit, healthy, and strong for a lifetime, if I were to coach myself from a place of compassion and curiosity (not bossing and bullying), a little chat with myself (or someone in your organization that isn’t performing today) might go something like this:

“Hey girlfriend, what’s crackin’? Tell me about you? (Ok, so maybe leave out the first bit but this is an insight into my self-talk, k? The answer to that isn’t very becoming but it’s funny for me.)

Well, I’m a bit tired this morning and annoyed I’ve let myself down. Again.

“Really, tell me about that?

Well I went to bed late, the neighbours were noisy and I didn’t sleep well soooo I didn’t get up to do my morning routine and now my attitude is really ordinary. And I just want to eat cake and not care. It’s also that time of the month and my Aunty died. #whyamilikethis 🤦🏼♀️


As a leader now, this is a GREAT place to be.

Because now we know the situations and circumstances that have triggered this somewhat limiting and defeated thinking, and brought this well-meaning, usually high performing team member to act way out of accordance with what she knows to be her best (which she ABSOLUTELY wants to be)…

… MEANING we can now coach the gap between where she is, and where she wants to be. With compassion.

And sure, it’s real and it’s raw and maybe it’s not good ‘LinkedIn’ etiquette to talk about this stuff out loud, but this isn’t the dinner table. This is business and this is life.

And if you’re a legendary leader, and I know that you are, then this is the stuff you gotta be able to handle – because a) if there are women in your organization it’s gonna be a thing (believe me I know, I live with myself), and b) if your organization is made up of people – of human beings – there’s gonna be a tragedy, because life is a terminal wellness for all of us.

Shouting at someone for not meeting the mark and then finding out later that someone had died?


Written by Leadership Coach - Lisa Ferguson



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