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Everyone will tell you to innovate or die. Innovation is the key to survival in today's business world just to keep up or possibly stay a little ahead of the competition.

Then there are those that believe innovation isn't enough and you need to disrupt your industry.

Well, they are both right. Just be clear on when you are innovating and when you are disrupting. Here's a simple way to look at them both...

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INNOVATE: IN is a prefix for within and NOVATE is to change or do something different. Therefore to INNOVATE is to change or do something different from within.


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DISRUPT: DIS is to be apart/away from something. RUPTURE is to break or tear something. Therefore DISRUPTION is a break away from the norm of some activity, process, and create a new model that makes the old one obsolete.

You have two choices in business:

  1. AFFECT CHANGE - Make it happen. Be the leader. Disrupt your own business and industry.
  2. BE EFFECTED BY CHANGE: Be at the mercy of someone else who is disrupting the industry.
"Are you waiting for some other business to come along and rub your nose in a future you were destined to own?"
- a Clarism

Innovate to survive. Disrupt to evolve.



The Crying Perspective:

“If you didn’t laugh you’d cry.”
- Lisa’s Dad

Lamenting about all the freedoms we once had that we took for granted, didn’t leverage at all (never get did get to Norway nor did I really want to either). And now, because the option has been taken away, by virtue of them not being available we now want them like an ADDICT (OMG I NEEEEEED TO BE IN NORWAY!!!).

Kinda like when one kid picks up another kid’s toy that they weren’t even playing with, or even knew they had… Mother Mary help the parents of that 2-year-old.

The Laughing Perspective:

Here we all are in the school of life, and the naughty kid is having a massive throw down right now. Probably the same one that was having a meltdown in the sandpit earlier. There are tables being flipped, chairs being thrown and computers being launched out the window. Yeah, we’re ducking for cover - but also, it’s kinda inspiring! This class was boring anyway.

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Things are never going back to ‘normal’.

They never have, never will, and were never going to - history has shown that time and time again.

Right now, history is also showing us that we have short memories. So ‘forgetting’ that there is no ‘going back to the way things always were’, or choosing to operate in not so sweet denial, the approach of:

‘We just have to ride this out, do what we gotta do to survive and then we can get on with it again once it passes…’

… means that big ass wave is already dumping us on the sand bar and our boards are shattered into pieces.

Hopefully, the fin hasn’t cracked us up the back of the head either… because blood in the water = sharks. Great big ones. Great white ones. This is their domain.

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(Do you love my imagery and fusion of the East Coast 40cm Tsunami last week and West Coast ocean predators? I love both my homes on both sides of the country so much.)


The Humicorn digresses. Sooo unlike me! Oh look, glittery squirrel!

What a segue into this next notion of disruption then:

“All disruption starts with introspection…”
- Jay Samit

… and introspection gives rise to innovation, whereby:

Innovation is just a change from within, and/or to do something different.

And does doing something different – disrupting the current status quo - mean that we affect change rather than be effected by change?

Because do we want to:

  • own our future (trappings of success),
  • control our future (which I think we can all now agree isn’t really happening), or
  • predetermine what we must accomplish and who we must become to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people you choose to serve?

And could a little introspection and innovation allow us to disrupt ourselves before someone else does (i.e. our competitors), meaning that we’re LEADING our industry and businesses into the future by DESIGN

...not by default or circumstance, lest our life’s work, our heart, be left as a commodity in the vicious hands of the market that otherwise dictate our worth?

Written by Leadership Coach - Lisa Ferguson



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Old-school Clarism's still relevant today!


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